Chakra Bracelet


This Chakra Bracelet is a real energy element. It symbolizes growth, strength and clarity.

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The Chakra bracelet combines  7 chakra stones.

Red Jasper – Root Chakra. Red jasper activates the root chakra responsible for grounding and stability in our life. Ideal to remove traumas and fears.

Carnelian – Sacral Chakra. The energy center that governs our emotions, passions, joy and creativity.

Yellow aventurine – Solar plexus Chakra. Yellow aventurine stimulates Solar plexus chakra as a center associated with Ego. Good for self-confidence and power.

Green aventurine – Heart Chakra. Perfect for cleaning and activating heart chakra, Aventurine enhance our exchange of love.

Lapis lazuli – Throat chakra Excellent for clarity, improving communication and emotional expression.

Amethyst – Third eye chakra. The third eye is crucial when it comes to spirituality and enlightenment. Amethyst helps develop intuition and spiritual abilities.

Clear Amethyst – Crown chakra. Clear Amethyst activates Crown chakra which serves at pure connection with the Universe.

The energies from the Universe flows through our third eye chakra making our manifestations more powerful.

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