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Acts as an energetic shield that surrounds your body and keeps you grounded.

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Black Onyx is great for warding off negative energies and negative emotions that would otherwise overcome you.

It even helps with releasing pent up anger, hurt and negativity. It is used to end unhappiness caused by bothersome relationships. You can easily get rid of sorrow and grief.


Black Onyx fortifies responsibility, self-worth and confidence. It helps its wearer to attain a healthy dose of egotism. It can sharpen your senses and fill you with positive energy. This stone is great for those who are constantly tired, depressed and lack life energy and enthusiasm. Wear this stone if you want to achieve balance in your life and maintain optimistic outlook. It is particularly great stone for relieving tension in marriage and overall family life.

Black Onyx is a wonderful stone that gives you strength and enables self-discipline. In cases when you need a profound self-mastery, onyx can help you to heighten your intuition and natural instincts. Crystals have the power to heal on a physical level too. Onyx can help with overall healing of all kinds of wounds. It does wonders for cellular regeneration and boosts healthy cell production.

Wearers of this stone are well grounded and balanced. It can be used to battle addictions like drugs and alcohol abuse. It repels energies, soothes in painful times like childbirth, helps with weight loss, problematic ovaries. It can strengthen legs, bones and muscles. Use it in meditation  or when you want pleasant dreams. Black onyx can easily strengthen your nervous system, hair, teeth and bones. Sometimes there are people, things, places and occurrences that simply drain your energy, but you can easily protect yourself from negativities and black magic by wearing Black Onyx.

Discharge it in the running water twice a month.

Leave it in a flower pot overnight if you want it to to have stronger powers.

Onyx is a stone that recharges with a rock crystal.

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